Thursday, December 4, 2008

day 2 and 3 big easy

day 3 rock it rock it yes we are rockin it.

After work we all went out to some jazz and bbq, one club was called bullet and it was all black folk and us some whitey, they were very nice to us and walcomeing the music was great, they play all types of music in a cool black jazz idea where what ever they cover as a song or songs they wrote them selfs in was all soul music, in was great

after wares we went to a white folk jazz club that was wack, it was like cusre boat jazz, ever that there were black poeple in the band, it had suck , but there was a cool older white dude that was hanging out in the crowd and was rocking out with the band doing solos, but the place it run by the wife of an old soul singer and every thing there is for him with pictures, she was nice, oh ya he was dead

back to work, I buy a horn and ware a hat I made.

yes day 3 rock it rock it yes we are rockin it.

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