Tuesday, December 2, 2008

big easy day 1

this is aq strange thing that someone made out of a car that was burned out.

this is were we are going to make the moster head, it is an old school, that after the flood, had to close because bricks were falling off the building, now they are giving away rooms for free to make art in but you have to teach a class or something to the local kids in that feild. There are still lots of rooms avalaball.

this is a soul food place across the street from the old school, yamyam.
7$ they give you a big plate of so much good food, I was told to shack on it a little at a time other wise I get sick.

does it my head look strange in this picture

I got the candy yams
gravey chicken on mac and cheeses
and corn
and a root beer

It was great.

we cleaned alot to get ready to make monster heads

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Michael said...

Cheeses! Cheeses? 18 cheeses I ate in cheese. 18 days, 18 days, I 8ing cheeses for 18 days!