Sunday, December 7, 2008

these pictures are backs wards

rideing in the back of pick up trucks.

the casted head, he took up smoking, sad.

casting the head.

some models.

day 5

this is a great junk store acrossed for the school that we had been working at.

this is a jazz band we went to see last night it was great, the guy is in a wheele chair, look.
here is some moster stuff.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

day 2 and 3 big easy

day 3 rock it rock it yes we are rockin it.

After work we all went out to some jazz and bbq, one club was called bullet and it was all black folk and us some whitey, they were very nice to us and walcomeing the music was great, they play all types of music in a cool black jazz idea where what ever they cover as a song or songs they wrote them selfs in was all soul music, in was great

after wares we went to a white folk jazz club that was wack, it was like cusre boat jazz, ever that there were black poeple in the band, it had suck , but there was a cool older white dude that was hanging out in the crowd and was rocking out with the band doing solos, but the place it run by the wife of an old soul singer and every thing there is for him with pictures, she was nice, oh ya he was dead

back to work, I buy a horn and ware a hat I made.

yes day 3 rock it rock it yes we are rockin it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

big easy day 1

this is aq strange thing that someone made out of a car that was burned out.

this is were we are going to make the moster head, it is an old school, that after the flood, had to close because bricks were falling off the building, now they are giving away rooms for free to make art in but you have to teach a class or something to the local kids in that feild. There are still lots of rooms avalaball.

this is a soul food place across the street from the old school, yamyam.
7$ they give you a big plate of so much good food, I was told to shack on it a little at a time other wise I get sick.

does it my head look strange in this picture

I got the candy yams
gravey chicken on mac and cheeses
and corn
and a root beer

It was great.

we cleaned alot to get ready to make monster heads

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sun bears

It is very sirprizing that these type of bears are not more pouplar with the childen. Look at his little eye lids, like two little pussy eyes, maybe that is why they can't show this bear to the childens. Looks like the guy I got a tattoo from in coney island, on dope.

Monday, November 3, 2008

France poeples and a land of wonder.

Where will we live tomorrow, I pray that John Mccain is are new prezadent by the end of the day. I been think about go to the south america, when the Mr. Mccain is elacted, but I've had been think about this land of france, it is very nice, with very bealitaful but strange looking womans walking about, with their eyebrows cut like marker lines. Lots of nice streets to walk around, lots of cafe to drink, cookies, breads, fishes to eat, wine to drink. Small childen that speak french, that is a lot of fun. The french man all most always suck, so you come their with your free wheelin American addatude, rock out with your charm, they will drink it up like a fine coke a cola, it will over flow from their mouth and pour down their bosum, french woman love coke a cola don't let them tell you other wise. Maybe I'll just go to france, here are some nice videos for you to look at,  maybe you would like to come with me. If you have any other ideas please comment. bye, when you play them all at once, mixes one part cafe, one part wine, put a cigerrat in da nose, that is what it will feel like when you are rocking out there. put the car volmune about 1/3 down, the others all the way up, then do the full screen thing on the car one. "You not might know this but the mack is back!"- john mccain
Marker eyebrows

This car drives all around Paris 

Some one give this america dude a stick, he going to need it to bet back the french pussy!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

black man amazes white man

The amazing wild black man amazes the white man once agin. This happens all the time. His hair is long he wears all black he puts a stick behind his ear he rolles his sleves up just a bit. Look how hot the white woman are getting, there clothes are falling off, travel around, enter a sea of whitey, alone, no band, just him alone, play some nuts black thing, have your pick of the white woman, do it agin the next day, so cool.