Monday, November 3, 2008

France poeples and a land of wonder.

Where will we live tomorrow, I pray that John Mccain is are new prezadent by the end of the day. I been think about go to the south america, when the Mr. Mccain is elacted, but I've had been think about this land of france, it is very nice, with very bealitaful but strange looking womans walking about, with their eyebrows cut like marker lines. Lots of nice streets to walk around, lots of cafe to drink, cookies, breads, fishes to eat, wine to drink. Small childen that speak french, that is a lot of fun. The french man all most always suck, so you come their with your free wheelin American addatude, rock out with your charm, they will drink it up like a fine coke a cola, it will over flow from their mouth and pour down their bosum, french woman love coke a cola don't let them tell you other wise. Maybe I'll just go to france, here are some nice videos for you to look at,  maybe you would like to come with me. If you have any other ideas please comment. bye, when you play them all at once, mixes one part cafe, one part wine, put a cigerrat in da nose, that is what it will feel like when you are rocking out there. put the car volmune about 1/3 down, the others all the way up, then do the full screen thing on the car one. "You not might know this but the mack is back!"- john mccain
Marker eyebrows

This car drives all around Paris 

Some one give this america dude a stick, he going to need it to bet back the french pussy!

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go go go let's go paris parisparisparis